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Achieve Efficient collaboration through B-Partnering System

Each IBS attendee expects to have a thorough communication with attended industry peers whom they’d like to meet during the event, either for academic exchanges or business cooperation. Then there comes the following questions: how to target the persons you expect to meet before the meeting, how to confirm your communication intention prior to the meeting and how to conduct an effective meeting in an environment with privacy? To meet the above-mentioned needs from customers, IBS Organizing Committee has especially introduced the most convenient online one-to-one meeting system---B-Partnering, which aims to help you with a full communication with potential cooperation partners efficiently during the meeting and further maximize the value of your meeting attendance!

Benefits of B-Partnering System

            · Gain a clearer picture of other participants’information and partnering needs
            · Get in touch with exist and potential business partners before the event
            · Manage all activities related to IBS on just one system
            · Pre-settle your meeting partner, schedule and location

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