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The Unique Bridge Connecting China to the Global Biosimilars and Novel Vaccines World.
WCBVF Speakers For 2016
Angela Thomas
Vice-chair of the Commission for Human Medicines (CHM)
Venke Skibeli
Clinical assessor, Norwegian Medicines Agency
Member of the BMWP, EMA
Scott Liu
President & CEO
Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co., Ltd.
Claudia Lin
Vice President,Quality
Innovent Biologics.Inc.
Haifa Zheng
Founder & General Manager
Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
John Zeng
Executive Vice President
Shanghai Zerun Biotech Co., Ltd. , China
Ling Chen
Distinguished Research Fellow & Professor
Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health,CAS
Ki-Hwan Kim
Director of Research Center
JW Creagene, South Korea
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