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Key Reasons Not to Miss
WCBF 2015
  • Reveal the interpretation of most recent biosimilars guidelines in China
  • Learn essential considerations for biosimilar mAb market access following first approval in the EU
  • Learn the development and validation of bioanalytical methods in support of biosimilar product
  • Learn how to carry out meaningful analysis for effective biosimilar characterization
  • Understand pricing and reimbursement considerations for biosimilars in China
  • Explore how to develop the best clinical model to demonstrate biosimilarity
  • Understand how to mitigating immunogenicity risk during Biosimilars development
Featured Topics Based on In-depth industrial Investigations
  • Update on biosimilars guidelines in China Pricing and reimbursement considerations for biosimilars in China
  • Selecting the most appropriate cell line for producing biosimilars to ensure comparable production
  • Physico-chemical and structural characterisation and comparability of biosimilars
  • Examining how to effectively manage manufacturing scale-up for biosimilars whilst maintaining product quality
  • Doctor's View: Clinical Considerations & Extrapolation of Indications of Biosimilars
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Who Will Attend
  • Biosimilar Regulators
  • Scientists and professors from leading research institutes and colleges
  • Senior Executives and researchers from global leading biopharmas
  • Senior Executives and researchers from global leading Biotechs
  • Senior Executives from CRO and CMO
  • Industry Device and Solution Providers
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  • Direct contact with 250+ decision makers and qualified buyers
  • Position your products and services as key players in front of major industry leaders
  • Provide multiple opportunities to communicate directly with your target audience before and after the conference through specific social media portals and event sites
  • Deliver your sales message in a bold new way, boosting your customer acquisition and lead
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