3rd International Precision Medicine Convention

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3rd International Precision Medicine Convention


Beijing, China


Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT) is a national, academic and non-profit organization founded in 1993, and has thousands of professional members in R&D and industry. The founder and first chairman was Dr. C.C. Tan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The current chairman is Professor George Fu Gao, DPhil (Oxon), academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
CSBT's branches cover many subjects such as medical biotechnology, agri-biotechnology, industrial & environmental biotechnology, glyco-bioengineering, marine biotechnology, biological resources, computational biology and bioinformatics, translational medicine, amino acids engineering, life science instruments, etc.
CSBT has been committed to international academic communication, science promotion & education and driving industrial development. It has become a very important force of biotechnology development in China.
The publications of CSBT includes: China Biotechnology (monthly), Biotechnology & Business (bimonthly), Chinese Journal of Bioprocess Engineering (bimonthly) and The Report on Bioindustry in China (annual report). These publications are the main platform for scientists and researchers in China to publish research papers, communicate academic thoughts and biotechnology industrialization achievements.

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