3rd International Precision Medicine Convention

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3rd International Precision Medicine Convention


Beijing, China


As the dramatically decreasing of gene sequencing cost and the increasing of gene data, the application of Precision Medicine is not just in diagnosis and treatment but also in risk prediction for disease. The application of Precision Medicine is very extensive nowadays which covers from mature NIPT, tumor companion diagnosis, use guidance for targeted drug and rare genetic diseases screening, to early screening for cancer, accurate health management, and finally make the "4P medical model" (Preventive, Predictive, Individualized and Participatory) come true!
The in-depth development of Precision Medicine and the application of medical big data strongly is prompting the growth of Gene Sequencing market. P4 China 2018 (3rd International Precision Medicine Convention) will be divided into 5 sub-forum to explore the following topics: The establishment of life omics technology, large cohort, biobank, precision medicine big data platform; The application transformation of personalized diagnosis and treatment decisions, and the precision disease prevention and treatment. P4 China 2018 will discuss step by step the whole process of the frontier application practice of Precision Medicine.

Who should attend?
2018 P4 Point

· Medical institutions: Laboratory Medicine, Pathology, 

  Pharmacology, Clinicals

· Medical and Life Science Research Institute
· Medical Examination Center, Health Management Center
· ICLs
· Gene Detection, Gene Sequencing Company

· Pharmaceutical Companies, CRO engaged in the

   development of biomarkers

1. Discover the periodical result of the 1st Precise Medicine Plan Research:

   · The breakthrough and progress of clinical molecular typing and mapping

      of polymorphic diseases

   · Large cohort study progress

   · The research and progress of biomarkers and targets for personalized 

      therapy and IO drugs

2. Share the breaking technology and trend of international and domestic

     precision medicine

3. Explore the business module and strategy of gene testing in clinical and

     consuming diagnosis

4. Follow-up the frontier technology and application of accurate diagnosis, 

    personalized medicine and companion diagnosis for tumor

5. Discuss the construction and leading practice of biobank and database

6. Explore the application of cloud computing and artificial intelligence in gene

     sequencing big data analysis and interpretation





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