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Qimin Zhan

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

President of Peking University Health Science Center; the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology

Dr. Qimin Zhan is currently an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the President of Peking University Health Science Center and the 

Director of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology. 

Dr. Zhan was the Chairman of the National Advisory Board for 863 High-Tech plan in the field of biomedical sciences and is the Chief Scientist of the 

973 National Fundamental Program. Dr. Zhan’s research interest is focused on the molecular pathways involved in the control of cell cycle checkpoint 

and apoptosis after DNA damage, and the signaling pathways involved in regulation of the maintenance of genomic stability and tumor metastasis. 

Recent years, Dr. Zhan has paid great attention to the cancer translational study, including molecular diagnosis and personalized therapy. His 

research has successfully attracted multiple grants from different funding agencies. Dr. Zhan’s has totally published more than 210 peer-reviewed SCI 

papers. Many of his publications are in prestigious journals, including Nature, Cell, J Clin Invest, EMBO, Mol Cell Biol, Science, Cancer Res, Oncogene, 

J Biol Chem and the PNAS, and have been highly cited in the biomedical field. Currently, his publications have been cited more than 12000 times. 

Dr. Zhan is the member of the editorial board for Cancer Biol Ther, J Biol Chem, Molecular Oncology and the Associate Editor for Frontiers in Cancer 

Molecular Targets and Therapeutics, Journal of Translational Medicine and Journal of Chinese Oncology.  

Levy, Yves

President, Immunologist

French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan)

Pr Yves Lévy, MD, PhD, is CEO and Chairman of INSERM, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, since June 2014. He leads also, since 

July2014, Aviesan, the French Alliance for Health and Life  Sciences.  He  is  Professor  of  Clinical  Immunology  at  Henri  Mondor  Hospital/Université  

Paris Est Créteil since 1996. He obtained his MD in 1986 (Créteil University) and his PhD in Immunology in 1991 (Université Paris 7).

Pr Y. Lévy has developed a research activity in several INSERM units since 1985. He led an INSERM team (U955 Unit) « T cell development in 

Physiology and in HIV disease »from 2007 to 2014, focused on HIV physiopathogenesis from upstream to translational researches  in the field 

of immune interventions and vaccines. He served as the Director of the INSERM Unit 899 in Dallas (Texas, USA) from 2010 to 2012. Pr Lévy 

was, until his appointment at INSERM’s direction, the head of the Clinical Department of Immunopathology at Henri Mondor Hospital providing 

a unique opportunity to connect basic and clinical approaches. In 2011, in the settings of the “Programme Investissement d’avenir”, Y. Lévy 

has created theLabex « Vaccine Research Institute » (VRI). The VRIis aimed to face the challenges to develop effective vaccines against HIV. 

This research programme is implemented by a large network of 18 teams and key international opinion leaders in this field from different 

institutions in France and the US through aunique collaborative network and with a central strategic plan. Since  1990,  Pr  Lévy  is  running  

both  basic  science  and  clinical  translational  researches. He  has  made contributions  to  the  understanding  of  the  role  of  cytokines  in  

the  development  of  B  cell  disorders,  the mechanisms of humanhumoral deficiencies such as Common Variable Immunodeficiencies, the role 

of Notch and IL-7 on lymphoid stem cell development. As a leading scientistin the field of HIV, he has made  seminal  contributions  on  the  

mechanisms  of  T  cell  depletion/dysfunction  and  on  the  role  of regulatory  T  cellson  immune  responses  to  HIV.  These  observations  

led  to  the  development  of  new immune  interventions  and  vaccines  against  HIV.  He  has  conducted  several  national  and  international 

phase  II/III  clinical  trials  including,  antivirals, immunomodulators,  cytokine  therapies  (IL-2,  IL-7),therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines. 

Pr Lévy has been instrumental in designing and implementing early proof-of-concept and Phase 3 clinical trials in France, Europe and 

internationally in these fields. Pr Y. Lévy holds the positions of chair of the Immune-based therapies Committee of the ANRS (French Agency 

of Research Against AIDS and Hepatitis), scientific director of the HIV Vaccine Programme of the ANRS, member of the WHO Vaccine Advisory 

Committee, the Council of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise and other scientific and professional societies. At the institutional level, he was 

Vice Dean of the  Medicine  Faculty  of  UPEC  until  2012.  He  served  as  Special  Councelor  of  the  French  Minister  of Higher Education 

and Research from 2012 to 2014. Pr  Lévy  has  published  around  190  articles  and  chapter  books  in  international  peer-reviewed 

scientific journals (NEJM, Lancet, Cell, Molecular Cell, J.ExpMed, PNAS, J.Clin Investigation, Blood).

Weidong Han

Director of Biotherapy Department,

PLA 301

Dr. Weidong Han is currently oncology doctoral tutor, the new star prize of Military Technology, molecular immunology research director of Life 

Science College, PLA 301 hospital. He is dedicated to basic and clinical research of stem cells and tissue regeneration, tumor therapy resistance 

mechanism and clinical research. He found the first biological treatment unit in 301 hospital as first director. In his research of stem cells, Dr. Han 

verified pluripotent differentiation characteristics in vitro of epidermal stem cell. He identified mesenchymal stem cell’s efficacy to 2-diabetes 

mellitus by utilizing experimental animals. In oncology research, he systematically studied Macro domain family protein 1’s mechanism on oncology

 therapy resistance. He established multiple tumor targeted immune cells’ treatment system, leadingly registered international clinical test 

organization and launched multiple clinical tests on CART therapy in China, and achieved industrialization. Dr. Han launched clinical application 

research of low dose Decitabine on solid tumor. His 3 projects have been invested and 4 transferred. He has invested 15 patents and edited in 

chief 3 monographs. He has issued over 90 SCI as first author or corresponding author, IF 400+ .

Qing Li

Director of Development Center for Medical Science and Technology,

National Health and Family Planning Commission, PRC

Jean-Luc Sanne

Senior Expert, Innovative and Personalised Medicine, DG Research and Innovation

Jean-Luc  SANNE  received  the  PhD  degree  in  neurosciences  at  the  University  Claude Bernard  of  Lyon  (France).  He  has  been  a  research  

fellow  in  the  United  States  at  the University  of  Georges  Town,  Washington  DC,  and  then  at  the  National  Institutes  of Health. After an 

experience in the private sector, he joined the European Commission in 2000  as  a  Scientific  Officer.  He  is  there  devoted  to  the  definition  

and  to  the implementation of health research programmes and policies of the European Union.  He has  been  in  charge  of  the  in  vitro  

diagnostics  area  at  the  Health  directorate  of Directorate-General  for  Research  &  Innovation  for  many  years.   He  is  now  strongly 

involved  in the orientations and in  the development of  policy European initiatives in the field of personalised medicine.

Henry Yang


President of BGI Institute

Ming Qi

Professor, Zhejiang University Medical School

Coordinator of the international Human Variome Project Chinese Node

Fellow of American College of Medical Genetics

Dr. Ming Qi was in Class V of the CUSBEA (China-USA Biochemistry / Molecular Biology) Program and received his Ph.D. from the University of 

Pittsburgh in 1991. Dr. Qi did his postdoctoral training in University of Washington from 1991-1994. Dr. Qi had his clinical postdoctoral fellowship 

in Molecular Genetics at the University of Washington from 1994-1998 and was certified in clinical molecular genetics by American Board of 

Medical Genetics in 1999. He is a Fellow of American College of Medical Genetics. He has been the faculty of University of Rochester Medical 

School since 1998 as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Dr. Qi served as a consultant of Harvard Medical School-Partner 

Center for Genetics and Genomics and Visiting Geneticist of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine in 2006. Dr. Qi currently is a professor of 

Zhejiang University Medical School and the Chief Scientist of BGI Health. His research has been published in numerous peer reviewed scientific 

journals, including in Nat Genet, PNAS, Cell, Human Mol Genetics, JAMA, Circulation, Am J Med Genet, Human Mutation, etc. He is the coordinator 

of the international Human Variome Project Chinese Node (; He is an editorial boardmember of several international journals including Human

Mutation, Giga-Science and ANE. He recently led an international team to identify NMNAT1 as the new disease-causing gene for Leber’s Congenital 

Amaurosis published in Nat Genet. 

Lixue Li


Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology

Youyong Lv

Professor, Beijing Cancer Hospital

Secretary-General of CCGC

Henning Hermjakob

Team Leader, Molecular Networks, European Bioinformatics Institute, EU

Founder and Co-chair of HUPO PSI

Henning Hermjakob leads the Molecular Systems Cluster at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK, providing a broad portfolio of

resources for systems biology, ranging from protein expression (PRIDE) via molecular interactions (IntAct) and curated pathways (Reactome) to 

systems biology models (BioModels) at the highest level of abstraction. As founding member and co-chair of the HUPO Proteomics Standards 

Initiative, member of the executive committee of the British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR), and senior editor of the PROTEOMICS journal, 

Henning Hermjakob contributes to the standardization of data representation in proteomics and systems biology.

At the Phoenix Center, he leads the development of the Bioinformatics platform and will build up the Molecular Systems group. His research interests 

are data integration, the development of distributed database systems, and the network-centric interpretation of molecular expression data.  

Shoubai Chao

SVP, Astrazeneca

Dr. Shou-Bai Chao is President CBA-USA (2015-2016), Chair CBA Board. The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA (CBA) ( is 

one of the largest Chinese American professional associations in the United States.  Founded in 1995 by a group of Chinese-American 

biopharmaceutical professionals, CBA is an independent, non-political, and non-profit professional organization headquartered in the Washington DC 

area.  Dr. Shou-Bai Chao is currently Senior Vice President leading AstraZeneca's BioVentures Operations globally and specifically in China and other 

Asian countries. Dr. Chao will lead a dedicated team to develop Biosimilars and BioBetters with leading biotech companies in China and other Asian 

countries for the global markets. Dr. Chao is relocated to Shanghai AZ headquarter.Prior to the current responsibility, Dr. Chao served as Senior Vice 

President of  Technical Operations and Manufacturing at Medimmune, a biological division of Astrazeneca. He was responsible for global 

manufacturing and technical operations of commercial and later stage clinical products (vaccines and antibodies). Dr. Chao joined MedImmune in 

2008 as vice president of vaccine manufacturing, responsible for all aspects of global vaccine manufacturing and supply. He lead Medimmune’s 

commitments to pandemic preparedness. Prior to joining Medimmune, Dr. Chao served as assistant vice president, Technical Operations and 

Product Supply at Wyeth Biotech.  He was responsible for global technical operations for the flagship vaccine, Prevnar(R) and other 

Biopharmaceuticals. He brings comprehensive perspective with more than 20 years experience at Medimmune, Wyeth, Sanofi-Pasteur and Genentech

 in global vaccine and biopharmaceutical process and product development, manufacturing operations and quality assurance.Dr. Chao earned his 

doctorate and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemical Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada.Dr. Chao earned his doctorate 

and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemical Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada.

Jonathan Zhao

Venture Partner, Lilly Asia Ventures

Dr. ZHAOYiningis venture partner at Lilly Asia Ventures and is responsible for Sino-US cross-border pharmaceutical investment projects. He is also the 

founder of several US biotech companies.

Currently, Dr. Zhao is the founder and president of two companies, Veritas Genetics Inc, and Just Biotherapeutics Inc, which respectively specializes 

in human genetic testing and gene-based drug development and production.

Prior to founding Veritas Genetics and Just Biotherapeutics, Dr. Zhao was deeply involved in strategic management, business development, product 

development and corporate mergers and acquisitions in a number of leading multinational pharmaceutical companies for more than 17 years. He was 

Executive Director, Global Commercial Operations at Amgen, where he was leading the market entry strategy, business development and 

commercialization of biosimilars in 20 countries outside US and EU. Prior to joining Amgen, Dr. Zhao was responsible for the Asia Strategy at Pfizer, 

and oversaw businesses including small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.Dr. Zhao received his B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Fudan 

University (Shanghai, China), Ph.D. magna cum laude in Analytical Chemistry from Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), and MBA from Massachusetts 

Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA). He has contributed more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

Hongsen Niu

Venture Partner, Lanshi Capital

Ph.D in Chemical/Toxicology, MS in QA/RA for New Drug Development. CEO of McCullough pharmaceuticals Inc.

Over 20 years working experience as the Study director and chairman of the global CMC team with Sanofi-Aventis and Merck & Co. in US 

pharmaceutical industry; 5 years experience as founder and CEO with innovative startup companies for new drugs and medical devices.

Research chemist with Ames laboratory in 1988; Ph.D from Iowa state university in chemistry and toxicology in 1994;  Joined Sanofi and Aventis in 

1995 as senior scientist in pharmaceutical research and development; from 1998-2009, worked with increased responsibilities as research scientist, 

study director, and chair of the CMC global team in new drug development.

Founded McCullough Pharmaceuticalsa Delaware corporationand McCull Ltd in Nantong, China, in 2010 serving as the managing director and 

president/CEO; Joined GM Capitals in 2014 as managing partner, and Bluestone Venture in 2015 as founding partner.

Tony Liu

Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc.

Mr. Tony Liu was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of CBMG inFebruary, 2016. Mr. Liu began serving CBMG as an Independent Director and 

Chairman of the Audit Committee in March 2013, after which he was appointed as Chief Financial Officer in January 2014.

Previously, Mr. Liu served as the Corporate Vice President at Alibaba Group responsible for Alibaba’s overseas investments.

Prior to joining Alibaba, Tony spent 19 years at Microsoft Corporation where he served in a variety of finance leadership roles, including General 

Manager of Corporate Strategy looking after Microsoft’s China investment strategy and corporate strategic planning process. 

Wei Zhang

President, Sichuan New-Life Stem Cell Biotech Inc

As the chairman of Sichuan Neo-life Stem Cell Biotech Inc. and the general  manager  of  Macredit  Group,  Mr.  Zhang  takes  full  charge  of business 

strategy & management. And Neo-life is a high-tech enterprise specialized  in  stem  cell storage, the  development  and  transformation  of related 

cell technology, and the application of genetic testing.After earning his doctorate in economics at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 

Mr. Zhang worked for People's Bank of China, Shenyin  &  Wanguo  Securities  and  some  other  famous  institutions successively.  Experienced  in  

financial  market,  Mr.  Zhang  has  excellent insights in project financing, IPO management and so on.For now,  served more than 8 years in 

Neo-life, Mr. Zhang  launched substantial  reforms,  including  joint  stock  system,  marketing  system, medical  service  and  talent  echelon  

construction,  making  Neo-life  aleading firm in stem cell industry. 

Baozhu Yuan

Director of Cell, National Institutes For Food and Drug Control

Dr. Yuan obtained his doctorate degrees for M.D. and Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Oncology in 1994. Since then, he has conducted cell biology and 

molecular biology studies for over 20 years for addressing the issues regarding tumorigenicity, oncogenes/tumor suppressor genes, (cancer) 

stem cells, biomarkers, and (cancer) therapeutic targets, and cancer stem cells, sequentially in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (1994-

1995), National Cancer Institute (NIH, USA, 1995-2000), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC, USA, 2000-2010), and 

Beijing Shijitan Hospital (CMU, 2010-2011). In October 2011, Dr. Yuan was recruited by the NIFDC/China FDA (CFDA) as a ‘Global Talent’ to 

take the current position. During past 5 years, Dr. Yuan has directed various quality control studies for improving NIFDC/CFDA’s capacities in 

regulating both cell substrates used in the production of biologics and different types of therapeutic cells. Dr. Yuan has been actively involved 

in drafting and revising the  “Guidelines for quality control and preclinical studies of stem cell-based medicinal products”, which served as a 

key part of a new regulation for clinical studies of the stem cells in China and has been  promulgated jointly by CFDA and the Health and 

Family Planning Commission in August 2015 and. In addition, within the Chinese NRL, i.e. the National Institutes for Food and Drug 

Control (NIFDC), Dr. Yuan has been taking the responsibility of establishing a quality control system as well as applying the system to conduct 

quality assessment of different therapeutic cell products for various product developers in China. Dr. Yuan has published over 60 papers with 

over 40 of them being SCI papers for addressing the issues regarding cancer biology, stem cell biology, quality control and regulatory science. 

Dr. Yuan is a member of ‘The Expert Committer for the Regulation of Stem Cell Clinical Studies’ and many other scientific and/or

organizational associations/committees.

Amy Tang

Healthcare Venture Parter

Qiming VC

Bradley Hart

Marketing Development Director, Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sub-Forum One:Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Forum

Youchun Wang 

Deputy Director 

National Institutes for Food and Drug Control

Xixiong Kang 

Director of Laboratory Medicine,

Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University

Xinjing Wang

Chief, NEI DNA Diagnostic Laboratory

National Institutes of Health, US

Xiuyi Zhi 

Chief of Lung Cancer Center and Thoracic Surgery

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

Weiling Fu

Director of Laboratory, Southwest Hospital

Third Military Medical University

Lunxiu Qin 

Associate Dean & Head of Surgery

Huanshan Hospital

Yuankai Shi

Vice Dean

Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Jingmin Zhao

Professor, Chairman, Department of Pathology and Hepatology

Beijing 302 Hospital

Huaiyin Shi

Director of Pathology, PLA 301 Hospital

Zhou Zhou

Director of Molecular Diagnostic Center

National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases

Jinpu Yu

Director of Tumor Molecular Diagnosis

Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institutes & Hospital

Xianquan Zhan


Xiangya Hospital Central South University

Yingli Sun 


Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine, 

Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

Guohua Yang

VP and Co-founder


Shihui Yu

CSO & Medical Director of Clinical Genomics Center

Kingmed Diagnostics

Hongye Sun


WuXi NextCODE China

Ruiqiang Li



Wei Ding


Admera Health

Sub-Forum Two:Precise Pharmaceuticals R&D Forum

George Fu Gao


Deputy Director, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Harry Yang

Director, Head of PHB

AstraZeneca (China)

Katrin Rupalla

VP, Head China Development

Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Zaiqi Wang

Head of Clinical Research

MSD China Development Center

Guoqing Cao


Hengrui Medicine

Bin Peng

Global Head, Oncology Translational Medicine (OTM) China, Novartis

Zhiyuan Zhang 

Investigator & Director of Translational Research Center 

National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing

Bo Huang

Professor & Vice Chairman of Department of Immunology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Zonghai Li 

Founder President &CEO

CARsgen Therapeutics

Jianping Qiu



John Gong

CEO, 3D Medicines


Medical Director

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

David Shao


YishengBiopharma Company, Ltd.

Shunchang Jiao

Director of Medical Oncology, Cancer Center

PLA 301 Hospita

Xinyuan Fu

Chief Scientist, CheerLand Institute of Precision Medicine, Shen Zhen

Danyi Wen

President & CEO, Shanghai LIDE Biotech., Co. Ltd

Bruce Zheng

Chemist of Product Supporting, Nikyang HK