2nd Wrld-China Cosmetic Technology Summit

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Media Partners

China Packaging Machine Industry Network,CPMIN, is a leading website dedicated in the industry news of packaging and its machinery, 

providing services including sourcing, brand promotion, advertising, forum and exhibition.

Founded in 2003, China Cosmetics Technology Network is the largest and most authoritative professional technology portal site. 

With the tenet “exchange, development, innovation and transcendence”, China Cosmetics Technology Network takes the promotion 

of technical exchange and the improvement of the technical level of Chinese cosmetics industry as its mission and 

provides a comprehensive technology exchange platform with powerful function for 

the research and development engineers in Chinese cosmetics industry. 

Cosmetic Newsis a cosmetics industry based professional magazine published under ShanghaiMeisheng Cultural Broadcasting Co., 

Ltd aiming to spread the latest news happened in China’s cosmetics market. 

With the first-hand industry information, immediate report of the latest consumer trends and 

the evolvement of the potential cosmetics market Cosmetic Newsis a must have for the insiders of the cosmetics industry. 

The magazine is printed with coated paper, full color and published one edition every two months, totaling 7 editions

 (including two special editions during the show period). 

Meantime, we also have new media together with the magazine, 

including official WeChat of Cosmetic-News, official website at www.cosmetic-news.net and official Weibo of Cosmetic News.

Biodiscover (www.biodiscover.com) is a newly media portal to explore the value of biosciences, 

and committed to disseminate the forefront of biotechnology and successful business model in the field of life sciences. 

Our website introduces the most advanced and dynamic bioinformatics technology in the field of

life sciences, providing prospective, in-depth research information and technical topics for biologists in china;

providing the latest bioindustry dynamics and reports for enterprises; providing a interaction platform for biological enterprises and individuals; 

integrating the latest exhibitions, conferences and technical seminars of biopharmaceutical etc.

Founded in 2006, www.labbase.net is the website for scientific instrument ,equipments, consumables, chemical reagents in China.

A number of database were established, such as company yellow page, products category, 

The aim to integrate all kinds of instrument resource together, 

build an interactive platform and promote communication between users and vendors.

Registered Companies: 40,000

The Number of Products: 3,000,000
IP per day 10000
Homepage IP per day 1000
we are Partner with analytica China, China Lab,CISILE,LABWorld China,

ARABLAB. analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo 

PClady is a celebrity style network and professional female’s information platform integrating fashion, 

practicality and timeliness. We strive to help create fashionable, 

independent and healthy women of the new era and deliver everything that women expect. 

PClady offers a professional guide to beauty spending, a look at fashion trends, 

an in-depth report of celebrity events, and a wealth of scientific life information.

www.antpedia.com, built on October 2007, with the highest traffic ranks among the global professional websites

 for scientific instruments and analytical testing, and the name of antpedia means Analysis aNd Test encycloPEDIA.

Antpedia.com is the leading internet service provider in the scientific instruments and analysis/testing field in China.
It attracts more than 3 million visits every day, with Alexa traffic rank of about 5,500th globally, and about 400th in China.

Chinese cosmetics investment network was founded in 2003. 

It is a B2B enterprise platform providing an information exchange especially for 

professional cosmetics enterprises, dealers, agents, franchisee, beauty parlors and etc. 

The establishment is a supplement to the traditional business model, aiming at appealing to

the development of network economy and reducing the investment cost of cosmetics factory. 

Chinese cosmetics investment network as a platform for cosmetics network investment,

thus winning repeatedly the Zhejiang Province excellent electronic commerce website honorary title, 

and obtaining brilliantly top 100 of China e-commerce site and other honorary titles for six consecutive years (from 2006 to 2012). 

A long-term cooperative relations has been successively established with local associations, 

exhibition and other industry organizations and has enjoyed a great reputation and extensive influence in the industry!

The current daily page views has reached about 80000 ranking approximately 50000 in the global authority access statistics agency ALEXA, 

which guarantee that your business information can be consulted by more people and can gain the most business promotion effect. 

Chinese cosmetics investment network is the preferred platform to exchange and acquire information, 

and engage in e-commerce and network marketing for cosmetics industry professionals.

We  will continue to update , so stay tuned!



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