2nd Wrld-China Cosmetic Technology Summit

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BMAP focuses on helping leading professionals in the medical sector to drivebusiness growth through unparalleled knowledge, up-to-the minute information and world-class specialist services in today's dynamic and rapidly changing environments. At BMAP events, in innovative formats of conferences, panels, congress and summits, we invite leading practitioners and academics in pharmaceutical and medical devices industries to share insights, expertise and solutions to today's escalating challenges as have been identified through our extensive research. As the leader in providing content-rich events that improve quality, safety and innovations and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated medical world. And we delivery specialized public, on-site, e-content and on-line learning trainings. Our highly experienced faculty of trainers provides the very latest and in-depth information on the focused territories. Through Social Medias and offline salons we bring segmented business communities together all year round to share ideas, inspire each other and do business. 



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