2nd Wrld-China Cosmetic Technology Summit

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InnoCosme2018 Background

In 2017, Chinese retail sales of cosmetics had maintained fast growth momentum reaching 13.5% year-on-year growth rate to about 400 billion dollars, which became one of the fastest growing categories of consumer goods in China. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of science and technology, the cosmetics will be more closely connected with gene test, AR & AI, etc. The achievements of frontier science, such as the research results on stem cell and autophagy also provide huge opportunities for the development of cosmetics industry. However, Chinese beauty market also faces numerous challenges. The upcoming revision to the Regulations Concerning the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics emphasizes the encouragement of technological innovation, meawhile it raises higher quality standards with tighter regulatory supervision on cosmetics industry. Besides, the more diversified and personalized customer needs lead to higher requirements and challenges for enterprises. So, in such circumstances, how to keep up to date with the latest trends, enhance the R&D capability, achieve technological upgrading, expand sales channels and reposition the brand right in the market segments become the most critical issues to the enterprises.

BMAP strives on providing a professional platform to share the latest market and technology trends, explore new market, realize product upgrade and seize opportunities while avoiding risks. The InnoCosmeevent last year achieved 98%satisfaction from the 20+ speakers from top beauty companies and science institutes and 300+ industry delegates . This year, the team of BMAP will deliver a brand-new InnoCosme 2018, inviting 40+ premium speakers, sharing cutting-edge information on Domestic and foreign latest regulations, Hot spots of product development trends, Case studies of R&D in new categories and New technologies application.

Looking forward to welcoming you in InnoCosme 2018!

Who Should Attend: Bright Spots:

1.Senior management personnel of the personal care and 

cosmetics brand

1.Implementation Situation and Conclusion on New Recordkeeping Pilot 
System of Imported Non-special Use Cosmetics in Shanghai Pudong 

New Area with theReference for Other 10 NewFree Trade Zone

2.Senior management personnel of OEM/ODM
2.Application of AR and AI to the Beauty Industry

3.R&D, packaging, product, purchasing, marketing, quality 

and legal professionals

3.Trend and Case analysis of SkinDNA Test, Custom-tailor and

 Electronic Beauty Equipment

4.The research institutions and universities, 
professional hospital
4.Skin Analysis and Cosmetics R&D of Pregnant Women,

 infant and Aging

5.The government agency personnel
5.Research and Case analysis of Probiotics Products
6.The personal care products and cosmetics production 
and testing equipment / service providers
6.Analysis of Skin Treatments after Different Laser Cosmetics
7.Other Relevant Personnel
7.Medical Cosmetics Applications in Clinic

8.Recent Development of Research Anti Blue-ray and 

Antipollution Raw Materials

9.Research Progress on Alternative Preservatives and 

Natural Preservatives

10.Plant Stem Cells and Cell Autophagy in Cosmetics: 

Current Trends and Future Directions




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