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Jianhua Shen

Deputy Director and Secretary of the 

Party Committee of Shanghai PuDong 

Market Supervision Administration 

Jianhua Shen, Deputy Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai PuDong Market Supervision Administration

She graduated from East China University of Science and Technology and engaged in food and drug regulatory industry for more than 20 years.

Susun An

Amorepacific Corporation , Team 

Leader of Safety Research Department

2006.3 ~ 2009.2 Graduate College of Medicine, PhD in Department of Dermatology,  Seoul National University, Seoul Korea 
1993.3 ~ 1995.2 Graduate College of Science, Master in Biology, Yonsei university, Seoul, Korea 
1989.3 ~ 1993.2 Graduate College of Science, bachelor in Biology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea 

May, 2006  Acquisition of certification for “Safety assessment of cosmetics in the EU” (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) 
2014.1 ~ present  Sr. Manager (Team Leader) /Safety Research Team Amorepacific Corporation R&D Unit (Korea) 
2011.6~ 2013.12 Sr. Manager (Team Leader) / Consumer Research TeamAmorepacific Corporation Shanghai R&I Center (China) 
1995~2011.5 Researcher / Safety Research TeamAmorepacific Corporation R&D Center (Korea) 

Seung Jin Hwang

LG Household & Healthcare-Efficiency 

Development Research Institute Minister

Main research content and awards received in LG Group

Develop Korean ferment raw materials alone in LG Household & Health Care CO.,LTD

Responsible for development of fermentation ingredients of Su:m37° and Soo Rye Han

Responsible for development of fermented raw materials at home and abroad

2006, LG Group "Research and Development Award“: OHUI Original Energy 100

2010, LG Group "Research and Development Award“: Premium, Su:m37°

2011, LG Group "Technology Award“: Su:m37°

2013, LG Group "Research and Development Award“: Soluble Technology of Insoluble Gum

Shaomin Wei

Shanghai Jahwa cheif scientist

Tian Tian

Johnson & Johnson R&D Baby Care 

Asia-Pacific Associate Director

8 years in Johnson & Johnson and now work in Baby care R&D Asia-Pacific team. Be responsible for leading baby care new product formulae 

design, technical qualification, quality & robustness evaluation and safety assessment. Also be responsible to partner with marketing and 

franchise team to set up brand strategy and pipeline with appropriate product proposition. Over ten years experience in cosmetic industry 

working in multiple global enterprises including J&J.

Xianghong Yan

Senior Manager/Principal Scientist 

SK-II Global Technical Marketing/GC 

Science Communications

Xianghong Yan is the Principal Scientist and Senior manager of SK-II Global Technical Marketing/ Procter and Gamble, who  leads SK-II skin 

science research and new initiatives design.  Prior to this, she held positions in the R&D sector of SK-II.

Actively involved in the field of skin science research, Xianghong leads several joint researches with the  laboratories in the worldly top tier 

universities.  Xianghong is a member of various societies such as the Japan Cosmetology Society, Japan Geriatric Dermatology Association, 

Japan Anti-Aging medicine and The Society of Cosmetics Chemists of Japan.

Xianghong Yan has authored academic papers on top journals in the areas of dermatology. Some of the recent notable publications by 

Xianghong include:    British Journal of Dermatology “Progression of temporary into persistent facial wrinkling: An 8-year longitudinal study” in 


Journal of Dermatology Science     “Characterization of comprehensive appearances of skin ageing: an 11-year longitudinal study on facial 

skin ageing in Japanese females at Akita” in 2011

Journal of Dermatological Science   “The comparison of miRNA profile of the dermis between young and old human” in 2016 

Xianghong Yan was born and grown up  in Shanghai, China.  She graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1991, and took on 

post-graduate studies at Osaka University Graduate School. After her graduation in 1997, she joined the P&G Kobe Technical Center R&D.

JeongCheol Ha


R&D Center Director

JEONGCHEOL HA,KOLMAR COSMETICS (BEIJING) R&D Department General Manager. He has abundant experience in cosmetic industry 

for 19 years. 

Research field

1.     Cosmetic formulation : skincare, Make-up, personal care

2.     R&D strategy and planning

3.     Technical Trend of Korea/China cosmetic industry

4.     R&D regulation of Korea/China

5.     R&D management

Daniel Hubman

Alpstories President & CEO

In his 25-year career he was COO and board member in the largest DRTV Company in CEE Europe for 20 years. He supported 16 million 

customers in 21 countries. He was responsible for sales and IT and has developed multichannel strategy and CRM way of thinking in the 

company. He has actively participated in the expansion of the company from 4 employees in 1993 to more than 6.200 employees in 2012. 

At that time he left the company and took a sabbatical year.

After a year of travelling around the world, he returned back to Slovenia and started a new company. Under the impression of the Industry 4.0., 

he constructed a robot that produces personalized natural cosmetics. He created a new interactive business model, which not only allows 

customers to formulate cosmetics suitable for their skin, but also grants them an active role in defining further directions of the company. He is 

a customer-centric person.

He holds a Master’s Degree of the Faculty of Economics and BS of the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He 

was also a dean of the Internal Academy for Direct Marketing in Studio Moderna Corporation in Budapest, Hungary.

Qiang Xia

Southeast China Professor

Dr Qiang Xia is now a full professor in School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, China. He got his Ph. D in 

Physical Chemistry in 1999 and from then on his research interest was focused on the nanomaterials (nanosized drug delivery systems, etc) in 

health-related fields. Prof. Xia’ group has built the first large-scale production line of functional lipid nanoparticles in 2009 and realize the 

industrialization of many kinds of active delivery systems now. Based on the nearly 20 years research and development experience in the field of 

active delivery systems, Prof. Xia succeeded in providing encapsulation technology of both water soluble and water-insolube active compounds 

and provided the carrier materials as high-end raw materials to many China cosmetic companies. Prof. Xia also have many international 

cooperation with international universities and companies such as Free University of Berlin, the Cocacola company in Atlanta, etc.

Zhu Shen

Director of Department of Dermatology, 

Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital

M.D., PhD., Doctoral supervisor, postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University, USA. Present Chair of Dermatology Department, and Director of Institute 

of Dermatology, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. Dr. Zhu is also the Director of Sichuan 

Dermatology & Venereal Disease Quality Control Center. Dr. Zhu has been conferred on the titles of New Science & Technology Star of General 

Logistics Department of PLA, Talents in Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University. Focus on the clinical research about infection & 

immunity, and complex skin diseases. Dr. Zhu has been in charge of five National Natural Science Foundations of China, and has published 30 

SCI papers as first/corresponding author. He is a member of National Committee for International Scientific & Technological Cooperation, also 

an expert of Science & Technology Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Education, peer review expert for National Natural Science Foundation 

of China.

Li Li

Director of Department of Dermatology,

West China Hospital of Sichuan 

UniversityHead of cosmetic evaluation 

agency of State Administration of drug 


Dan Luo

Director of Department of Dermatolohy, 

The First Affiliated Hospital Of Nanjing 

Medical University

Tairan Xing

Product Safety Evaluation Manager, 

Product Safety, Regulatory Affairs & 

Claims APAC, L’Oréal

Tairan Xing, European Registered Toxicologist, China Certified Toxicologist, Product safety evaluation manager, Product Safety, Regulatory 

Affairs & Claims APAC, L’Oréal.  Tairan received his Ph.D. degree in biology from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2009, 

where his main interesting topics were the Neurotoxicity of heavy metals and retardants. He joined the third part service company Intertek at 

2009 after study finished, provided the service of Human health risk assessment to customs for chemical registration in European. He moved 

to ROTAM an agricultural chemical company at 2011, was mainly in charge of the safety evaluation of plant protective products and supported 

the products registration globally. Ted joined L’Oréal at 2012 as one of the pioneers in Asia Pacific safety evaluation team, responsible for 

skincare and hair product and raw material safety evaluation developed in APAC zone successively.

Yin Zou 

Associate Chief Physician of Skin 

and Cosmetics Research Office of 

Shanghai Dermatology Hospital

Wei Y. Brian

WEI Beauty International CEO

Wei Yang Brian is a skin care entrepreneur and CEO of prestige Traditional Chinese Medicine brand WEI Beauty and Wei East Brands. Born in 

1963 and lived in Wuhan, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Wuhan University and went to the United States with scholarship to obtain 

her master's degree in Computer Science at Drexel University in 1985.

In 1998 Wei worked with an eminent master formulator in USA to develop her propriatory formulas, by forcusing on the rich traditions of Chinese 

medicine in combination with modern, high-tech delivery systems.

In 2002 Wei instroduced her Wei East line on HSN.

In 2005, Wei founded a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in China under CGMP standards, imposing strict quality control over the production 


Wei featured in Oprah's "O" Magazine - March 2008 issue.

In 2009 Wei won the Asian Women in Business Entrepreneurial Leadership Award. 

In 2010 Wei partnered with Space NK stores in the United Kingdom and United States to introduce a prestige treatment line called WEI Beauty.

In 2013, Wei ushered WEI Beauty to China Sephora stores. WEI Beauty is acclaimed for individually packaged masks and was awarded by OnlyLady 

the Most Popular Facial Mask of the Year 2015-2016. 

Wei featured in Forbes Asia article titled "China Fashion & Design 30", featuring 30 of the top influencers in China Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, 

Architecture & Home Décor industries - December 2015 issue. Featured in December 2015 Forbes Asia.

Today WEI Beauty products are available internationally at the United States at, Bloomingdales,, and Birchbox, Sephora 

in China, Germany HSE24, SpaceNK in the UK, and Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong. 

Rong Chen, MD PhD

Chief Medical Officer of Phagelux, 

Previously worked as MD of Sanofi, 

MD of Bayer Asia Pacific Area,  VP, 

Medical Director and Regulatory 

Director of GSK China/Hongkong Area

Dr Rong Chen is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Phagelux responsible for product development and registration of Human Health products 


In the last 15 years, Dr Chen has been as VP and Medical Director in China and/or AP area for several multinational pharmaceutical companies, 

ie Sanofi, Bayer Schering Pharma and GSK, with key responsibilities for new product development, registration and medical affairs.

He has more than 20 years experience in pharmaceutical industry, with broad experiences from drug Research & Development, drug evaluation, 

regulatory affairs, medical affairs and drug safety. He was the winner of Florey Fellowship in Royal Adelaide Hospital; He established Drug Studies 

Center for drug development and He worked in the Therapeutic Goods Administration for drug evaluation and registration in Australia.

Dr. Rong Chen is medical doctor and received a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology of Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Xiping Du

TongRenTang MIRAHI vice president

Du xiping,senior engineer in biological pharmacy,now the deputy general manager of  Beijing tongrentang dianorm biotech Co.Ltd,has long 

been engaged in the development of cosmetics technology,the main directions:liposomes and microspheres preparation;Chinese herbal 

compatibility and extraction;cosmetic formulations and processes.


Marketing manager of Department 

of health products and cosmetics, Cti

Over ten years working experiences in third-party testing &certification field. As CTI senior expertof regulatorycompliance consultancy, have rich 

experience and in-depth case study of product claims and quality management, and expert in marketaccess solutions and technical support for 

health food and cosmetics sector. Familiarwiththe standards and quality technical requirements of cosmetics and daily products industry, provide 

consultancy services for multiple cosmetics sampling inspection, risk monitoring projects for government supervision department.

Tengyun Zhang

Vice director of Investment Development Bureau

China Medical City

Tengyun Zhang, graduated from college of management, Soochow University. Joining Administration Committee of China Medical City since 2010, 

working as vice director of Investment Development Bureau, focusing on health-industry related project.

Lijuan Chen

General Manager of Pientzehuang 

(ShanghaI) Biotechnology Research 

Co., Ltd.

Xihua Lu

Doctoral Professor and Supervisor of 

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 

of Donghua University



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